• Warehousing & Distribution with Digital Advantage

Provides 3PL Services in Bangalore

Industry Specific Solutions

We customise our offerings according to the need of our customers in the specific industry. We covers both B2C and B2B scenerios and engage in many sectors like Retail, FMCG, E-commerce, Chemical, etc.

Services in Bangalore

Our services includes Warehousing, Domestic Distribution, Import Freight and Export services. We are well equipped with mechanical applications and MHEs for running the warehouse processes

Digital Engagement

Our digital engagement provides an added advantage. We provide live stock information, goods receipt information, CCTV view, vehicle tracking, daily reports, etc which helps the customer to track and have real time insights.

Results of our Services

In the past, our services lead to preventation of stock outs, reduction in inventory holding costs, reduction in freight costs, reduction in total supply costs, increase in container utilization, and many others.

MyHub - Inventory

Real Time Inventory Visibility

There are many processes which include whole supply chain process. Here with MyHub's Live Inventory Monitoring facility you can get end to end visibility of your inventory. You can get information ragarding receipts, dispatches, and many others. You can check order online and also subsequent processes in real time also. Also, you can check picking, packing and dispatch details at real time.

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MyHub - Measurements

Turn Around Time Information

We can get information regarding operations turn around time and vehicle turn around time from Dashboards. We get real time information. Our Motto is to give good service to our customers and these information helps us to serve our customer in a better way. Also leads to better satisfaction for our customers.

MyHub - Delivery Vehicle Tracking

Real Time Tracking of Vehicles

With delivery vehicle tracking, you can have real time information regarding movement of your delivery vehicles. Use of GPS technology improves our visibility. Also better safety for your goods.

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MyHub - Technology Collaboration

Collaboration with Technology

Technology is present at core of our service and it helps our customers.We use Electronic Data Interchange for receive and put away confirmations, pick & dispatch confirmations, and many other activities.

Warehouse Features

High Level Safety

There are many facilities which are present in our warehouse which provides best in class safety to our customers. Facilities includes CCTV surveillance, LEL detector, fire fighting system, fire detecting system and also compulsory safety training programs for our staffs.

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Warehouse Features

Warehouse Equipments

For smooth running of warehouse work, and proper unloading and loading processes, we have MHEs which also helps in wastes reduction and impoves the safety of workers.

Warehouse Features

Best Infrastructure

Our warehouse floor (RCC flooring) quality is best which leads to smooth functioning of warehouse works.Also they able to take heavy loads. We have adequate parking facility which helps in proper movement of vehicles and also for parking of vehicles.

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